Holiday Season Self-Care Guide: 5 Ways To Take Care of Your Health During November and December

The fun of Halloween is almost over and we're coming up on the most stressful time of the year! It's easy to get burnt out and bogged down in all of the preparations for Thanksgiving and the December holidays along with all of the rest of the things we have to manage in our lives. Today we're going to take a break from the fashion and lingerie talk about some ways to make the holidays easier and build in some breaks. 

Give yourself permission to do nothing for a little bit each day. 

It can feel impossible to carve out even 30 minutes a day to just do absolutely nothing, but it's such a meaningful thing to do to give yourself a break. You can lie in bed or meditate or stare out the window at the birds in your yard, but whatever you do make sure there's no pressure on you while you do it. 

Make sure to exercise a little bit. 

You don't have to start training for a marathon, but a little bit of exercise every day helps produce endorphins that make you feel happier and helps clear your brain! Exercise can be anything from Crossfit to dancing around your kitchen for 30 minutes. You can even play fun games with your kids or your dog to get your heart rate up! 

Remember to eat real food. 

It's really tempting to load up on fast food and other easy options when you're busy! Your body and brain will feel better if you can manage to eat some easy and simple meals made with real ingredients rather than fillers. Take an hour to break our your favorite simple cookbook or cooking blog or find a new one online! You'll feel better and have fun experimenting with simple recipes throughout the holiday season. 

Find a way to make your holiday activities fun!

There's a lot to get done over the holidays but it's also relatively easy to find ways to make things fun rather than a chore. Have a tree decorating party with some easy snacks and hang out with your family and friends while you do it! Pick some simple crafts and have a ornament making party for easy gift giving. There are lots of ways to make things fun while getting your holiday to-do list checked off. 

Don't forget to treat yourself. 

Women always have to do more work during the holidays, both at their jobs and in their homes. Don't forget to treat yourself to a fun new experience or to something that you've been wanting to buy for awhile. It doesn't have to be huge, but it can be meaningful and really help with stress levels. 

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