Behind the Scenes with Made for Curves

Many people dream about starting a business, but not many do it. A few years ago, I was one of them. I’d go to the office to my real adult job and dream about what I really wanted to do, which was start a lingerie boutique for women who looked liked me. What no one tells you about dreams is that while they are wonderful, special, and life changing they can also be completely exhausting.

I’ve found that out the hard way in the lead up to our launch. Faced many setbacks, some i’m still recovering from. I stayed up through the night to work on inventory and my website. I would come home from work and start another job all over again once it was dark. I have been so unbelievably tired.

The joy in working for yourself is seeing the results of your labor. I got to see them in a big way during our first photoshoot and all of the sudden all of the work and lack of sleep made sense. I had booked a rather unconventional space in an industrial part of Brooklyn, New York for our photoshoot, but it somehow went on to become another character in the whole thing. I was lucky enough to find five gorgeous models who embodied everything I had always dreamed Made for Curves would be. An AMAZING makeup artist who took a chance and worked with me all off a DM and a dream. Most of all my photographer, who has grown to be more like a sister, she has inspired and believed in me since I dreamed of the idea almost 5 years ago. I made t-shirts for good luck.

Once we got there, the whole thing just clicked. It was like everything I had been dreaming about all these years came to life. We spent lots of time shooting action shots and full body shots that were designed to really showcase the reality of plus-size bodies - and to show that they are just as beautiful as any other bodies. We dressed our beautiful models up as brides, as urban goddesses and as regular women enjoying a Sunday morning at home. We shot indoors and outdoors, as well as lingerie as outerwear inspired outfits. We all laughed a lot and had an amazing time.

We’re launching soon and I hope our joy will shine through in these photos and in everything the boutique has to offer. Made for Curves is the result of passion, dreaming and taking a giant leap towards a life I always envisioned for myself. If you want to be the first to know when we launch, make sure to sign up for the mailing list! We’ll be offering exclusive goodies through it, so make sure you’re on it.

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