6 Shapewear Must Haves for Holiday Season

Party season is almost here and with that comes the dreaded shapewear question! We believe that shapewear doesn't have to be horrible. In fact, if you truly hate it, you don't have to wear it at all!

Having said that, many of us feel more comfortable with some extra smoothing when wearing a form fitting dress for a big party. Today's shapewear selections range from basic and light options to full body firm hold pieces that are more of a commitment. Make sure to check the size charts and don't get tempted to squeeze yourself into a size smaller than you need - the stuffed sausage look is neither cute nor comfortable.

This is the most basic type of shapewear! It won't work miracles but it will help with thigh chafing if you don't want to wear stockings and give you some extra smoothing. It's great for those of you who are trying out the idea of shapewear or want some extra layering under a more casual sweater dress. 

This piece has more firm shaping but isn't as full coverage as other options! It also has a trendy thong back so you won't feel so constricted and can avoid panty lines. 

If you do want to go for the maximum shaping possible, try this! The pretty lace provides serious smoothing and shaping and you can wear your own bra with this singlet. This piece is fairly firm, so don't size down and try it on before you wear it out for 8 hours.

If you're looking for tummy and waist smoothing then a piece like this is perfect. This high waist panty provides a firm level of smoothing but allows you to wear a regular bra with it. It's perfect if you are wearing a form fitting dress that is strapless or backless. 

This shaping panty has a flattering high waisted design and pretty lace details! It's pretty and practical to wear under everything from holiday dresses to suits at the office. 

This singlet is great if you don't need thigh shaping like the one above has. We love that you can wear your own bra with these but they still provide full body shaping. 

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