5 Pretty T-Shirt Bras for Plus Size Beauties

We love a great basic t-shirt bra, but we also love our pretty bras too! Today we're focusing on five solid t-shirt bra choices that provide the best of both worlds. Each bra featured gives you serious support as well as a little bit of stylish flair. All of these bras have details that are pretty but all of them are also designed to be invisible under clothing. 

It's almost autumn, so get ahead by stocking up on some t-shirt bras that will help you stand tall and feel supported all year long! These work just as well under light t-shirts as they do under sweaters. To find more about each bra, just click on the picture!

This soft and sleek t-shirt bra has a sweet petal detail that actually provides additional support! This bra will help you stay lifted and comfortable all day, without digging in or shifting around. 

This budget friendly t-shirt bra features a beautiful flat lace detail that looks great alone but is completely invisible under even the thinnest clothing. This gives you the look of a fashion bra with the practicality of a regular t-shirt bra. 

This basic bra features art deco style details combined with comfortable straps and a balconette style that works under most necklines. We love the delicate and feminine details on this bra. The only person who will know that you are wearing a fancy bra to work is yourself! 

This floral print basic bra has flat fashion details and a supportive design. It's also really comfortable and is made from extremely soft fabric, so you'll want to wear it all day. We love the subtle floral print combined with the classic t-shirt bra cut. 

This lovely bra has a delicate lace look, but features flat detailing that becomes completely hidden under clothing. It's a great basic that doesn't feel basic, so even your most practical days can feel special. 

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